Monday, 1 February 2010

Dale Responds to 'Incisive Questions'

Conservative master-blogger Iain Dale was a huge hit at the Curzon Supper Club event on January 28th at the Half Moon in Windlesham. A capacity crowd turned-up for some great food and to hear Dale speak - drawing in many new attendees.

Following dinner, Iain spoke briefly for around 20 minutes sharing some amusing anecdotes and then took questions from the attendees. These questions were wide-ranging and covered lots of issues including economic issues and political leadership questions.

Iain was very direct and honest with his answers. Many attendees commented that his answers were refreshingly straight-forward and Iain later described the questions as 'particularly incisive' on his blog.

Iain's easy charm concealed a degree of personal tension on Thurday night as, whilst speaking to the assembled group, Iain repeatedly glanced at his Blackberry. He was awaiting news of the shortlist for selection as Parliamentary candidate for the Suffolk Coastal Constituency. Sadly the hoped for good news never arrived for Iain - lets hope he finds a constituency before the next general election. His skills, experience and good judgement would be a huge asset in the next Parliament.

Tim Dodds has written a brilliant review of the event here. And now local Councillor Stuart MacLeod has written about it also here.

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