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About The Curzon Supper Club

The Curzon Supper Club was established in 2006 by Surrey Heath Conservative Association to provide an ongoing series of informal, low-cost events, with high quality speakers. The events are open to Conservative party members and supporters and those with no party affiliation who live or work in the Surrey Heath Parliamentary Constituency. All first-time attendees are accorded a warm and friendly welcome.

No Membership Requirements or Fees!

Despite being called a ‘Club’ there is no membership requirement, or membership fee. Attendees are invited to attend events on as many, or as few, occasions as they wish.

Curzon Supper Club events provide a relaxed and informal opportunity to meet and hear from prominent politicians, journalists, business and organisational leaders and celebrities.

Our own Member of Parliament, Michael Gove MP (Shadow Secretary of State for Children, Families and Schools) is a regular attendee at events – providing local residents with another opportunity to meet Michael and discuss issues.

Michael is a great fan of the Curzon Supper Club as it regularly provides him with an opportunity to meet many constituents, with a range of ideas and perspectives, for the first time.

Curzon Supper Club events are held mainly at restaurants in the Surrey Heath Constituency and usually held on Sunday evenings. Dress code is entirely informal.

Events usually commence at 7.30pm for a relaxed and highly sociable dinner. Before or during dinner our speakers usually have an opportunity to visit each of the tables and meet all the attendees. Following the meal our speakers address attendees typically for 25-40 minutes followed by the opportunity for attendees to ask questions. This often prompts a series of discussions between attendees and the speaker long into the evening!

Prices are kept as low as possible. Tickets for events are priced in the £12 - £20 range depending on location and include a full two or three course dinner. Drinks are charged separately.

Why Attend?

There are many reasons why people attend:

Speaker Campaigns/Issues – Many of our speakers are well-known for the issues that they represent or the political or organisational responsibilities they have. Attending a Curzon Supper Club event often provides the chance to hear about a particular issue or campaign directly from an individual with considerable control or influence.

Business NetworkingMany people that attend Curzon Supper Club events are local business people. These events can often be an ideal informal opportunity to meet new business contacts.

Social Networking – Curzon Supper Club Events are a great opportunity to meet new, interesting and stimulating people from a wide variety of backgrounds and walks-of-life with a huge range of interests and perspectives. Firm friendships are often forged at these events.

Speculative Political InterestA Curzon Supper Club event is often the first contact that people have with the Conservative party and the local constituency organisation. Local councillors often attend, as do many others with years of experience of working in local and national politics, providing first-time attendees with the chance to ask questions or explore their own political interests and scope.

Attendees of the Curzon Supper Club regularly go on to get involved with political activities, campaigns and occasionally become local Councillors. On more than one occasion attendees have gone on to become Parliamentary candidates!

But, it’s important to stress that attending a Curzon Supper Club event implies no further obligation on your part. Some attend on an occasional basis when the speaker is of interest to them and have no interest in further political involvement. Others look forward to, and attend, every event – the choice is yours!

I very much hope to welcome you to the next Curzon Supper Club event!

Kindest Regards,


Robin Horsley
Chairman, Curzon Supper Club.

P.S. If you have any ideas or suggestions related to the Curzon Supper Club, please leave your comments below!

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